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Adult classes - Diamond Wednesdays

A Wee Dram (a)                 6:30 -7:15pm  

A wee bit of drama in your life can be fun in the right circumstances. Whether it's for confidence building or simply as a vehicle for honing your talents, these fun-based drama classes involve everything from Scriptwork to Improv with even a little bit of Film-craft thrown in for good measure. 

Musical Kick-Ass                       7:15 - 8pm

Singing in the rain, or the shower, is fine and dandy, but if you fancy giving 'em the 'ole razzle dazzle, come along and strut your stuff. Any style, any era, we'll make them nights to remember. Bring it.

Free trial session for all - yes, even you!
All adult lessons - £36 half term / £66 full term
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