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About us!

"Y'know, someone said that the world's a stage

  and each must play a part"

  -  Elvis 'Shakespeare' Presley

Welcome to DIAMOND, the premier school of performing arts in Milton Keynes.

Founded in 1989 by Paula Diamond (lovely old lady in pics) as a place where local children could express a flair for the Arts, the school quickly became the preferred destination not just for those interested in pursuing a vocation in 'the industry', but also as a major developer of children's confidence. 

As such we are as proud of our students who have gone on to become lawyers, doctors or teachers, as we are of those who have successfully carved out careers as actors, directors and producers.

While raw talent may be a bonus, we wholeheartedly believe that with the right attitude and proper guidance, there can be opportunities for everyone. This is why at Diamond we have always put such a strong impetus on public performances. You learn in class but it's ultimately out there in the world where you gain that all important experience of showing yourself off. Whether that be on a stage, in front of a camera, or even as part of a parade, it's the interactive elements of growing up that put you firmly on the path ahead. With any audition or job interview, confident conversation is as much the key to success as ability; an ethos shared by the schools patrons.

Of course, as well as professional engagements (our kids credits include roles in Game of Thrones and Matilda in the West End) the multitude of charitable/community events we encourage the students to take part in further enhance their connection with the society they hail from. It's with this society in mind that we pride ourselves on providing affordable top notch tuition. The Arts are for everyone and we hope our price structure reflects that.

Our Patrons

Norman Bowman

West-Ends Finest

Dominik Diamond

TV and Radio's Finest
hotline:  07850 421239 
all lessons held at the
Newport Pagnell Youth Club MK16 8AX
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